Iryna Vorona

Iryna Vorona

Iryna Vorona, Ukraine( Kyiv) based contemporary artist, work in individual style of visual art - mixed light. Her technique is based on research of art and science combination due to the technology of light.

Born 1987y. in Kyiv, Ukraine. Master degree at Fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv (2018).

Science: Postgraduate at NAFAA. Research Ukraine contemporary art. 

2017 - Internship at Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. Erasmus + program. Zagreb, Croatia. Mentors: Igor Roncevic, Ksenija Turcic.

Since 2019- Art gallery director at “Tuzov Gallery”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2019-  Ukraine President Grant for the realization of personal media art project “Qr-truth”.

2019- media art project at AADK Spain Residency with the support of Culture Bridges mobility grant. 

In 2018y.  was granted with Kyiv head of administration art prize for special record of achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine.

2017 - “KYIV ART FORT”. Finalist of A.Kryvolap art prize. 

Diploma of International academy of the rating technologies and sociology "Golden Fortune"( 2018, 2016yy.).

Honorable Diploma of National Academy of Arts of Ukraine(2015y).

International Artist Residencies:

2019 - ​Light project at AADK Spain International Artist Residency with the support of “Culture Bridges” mobility grant program. 

2017 - 2018 -Kunsnarhuset Messen, Ålvik, Norway.

2017 - KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre, Ii, Finland.

2016, 2015 - “Castello di Boca”, Stoliv, Montenegro. International Foundation «Cultural Heritage».

Selected exhibitions and projects: 

2019 - light installation “White souls”. Media art residency "Artefact Chernobyl 33". Carbon residency, Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 - Installation "Inner light". Group project "Verbalization", gallery "Lavra", Kyiv.

2019 - Media art installation and projection "Zero point". Group exhibition Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest 2019. Gallery "Modern Art Research Institute", Kyiv.

2019 - Curatorial art project "Good life", gallery "Mytets", Kyiv, Ukraine

2019 - “Insight” personal art project in “LAVRA” gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2019 - A4 ballpoint exhibition in Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2019 - “Anatomy of Simulacrum” in Modern Art Research Institute.

2018 - “Numeri Esse”, Museum of Kyiv history, Kyiv, Ukraine. Catalogue.

2018 - Installation and non stop performance at International Air Gogol Festival, Ukraine.

2018 - “Human. Environment” Kyiv Photo Week 2018. “Toronto - Kyiv”. Catalogue.

2018 - “I - Synoptic”, AkT gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2018 - XI edition of AR[t]CEVIA International Art Festival, Italy. Catalogue.

2018 - Exhibition Nude: fine art, graphics, sculpture in Ducat gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2018 - International exhibition “Home”, Augusta Savage gallery, Amherst, USA. Catalogue. 

2017 - "Pasionska Baština 2017. Kalvarija". Gallery Josip Račić, Zagreb, Croatia.